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We are binging our favorite shows & buying all the bikinis


If you said check to The Queen’s Gambit you might want to checkmate PQ

We are still dreaming about the chic fashion and hotels featured in The Queen's Gambit. Beth was made for the deep hues and classic styles of PQ. This strong female lead would appreciate that PQ is produced in a woman-owned factory in Columbia.

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If you fell in love with Bridgerton you will swoon for WeWoreWhat

Lady Whistledown would approve of the romantic toile florals and sexy gold detailing featured in the latest WeWoreWhat collection. We might not be living in the Regency era in England, but we can dress for it!

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If you said oui to Emily in Paris you are going to ajouter au chariot (add to cart) L Space

Emily was the escapism we needed in quarantine. It might be a bit until we can run around Paris and dine in adorable cafes, but let us capture the look in ditsy florals, ultra feminine ruffles, and fresh stripes from L Space.

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If you felt secure about Insecure you can be confident in B Swim

Issa is major outfit goals with her mix of bold prints, saturated colors, and vintage pieces. We think the Los Angeles native would be lowkey happy in the (also LA based) B Swim.

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January 25, 2021 — Bobbi Haas