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We have updated our shipping policies.

We wanted to make it easier than ever to understand the shipping costs at Bestswimwear and to maintain Free Shipping.

We are now offering FREE Two Day Shipping on orders over $250! In an effort to be more environmentally friendly we are saying goodbye to free shipping on orders under $50. We want to help end the "amazon" model of placing many small orders, when combining those orders into one is better for our environment, and helps small businesses like ours stay in business! We still offer Free Standard shipping on any order over $50.

We have also streamlined Next Business Day Shipping, and International Shipping. I have included our shipping chart below.

*Click here for more shipping details.

As always we appreciate your support of our small business, and team of women. 

All the Best, 

Bobbi Haas
E-commerce & Marketing Director, Swimwear Buyer, TV Binge Watcher
January 22, 2021 — Bobbi Haas