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It all started in the Spring of 1996. A little bikini boutique, Beachy Keen Bay nestled a block from the water in sunny Hermosa Beach, California. Strictly a swimwear shop we slowly added in sandals and clothing. Beachy Keen saw many looks throughout the 2000's from baby blue to chartreuse and pink. Loads of gold spray paint, animal prints, black and white floors. It grew and changed with the times.

In 2009 we decided to expand to men's clothing and shorten our name to the more gender neutral BKB. We rented the space next door, knocked down walls, added more fitting rooms and doubled our footprint.  Retro sports tees, denim, fedoras and leather shoes were now coexisting among the walls of swimwear.  And then it was finally time to go online. We started our Shop BKB website, but within the year had the opportunity to purchase the domain Bestswimwear.   We began shipping across the nation and working hard to provide the absolute best online customer service possible. 

In 2017 we realized we were suffering from a bit of an identity crisis, Beachy Keen, BKB, Bestswimwear, it was time to minimize. We made the hard decision to stay with the second door, close our original shop and start over. We ditched men's clothing. We refined our collections, hand picking our brands, buying deep in the styles we love, slowly evolving into a perfectly balanced store offering the ideal fit for every woman. We designed our store with the female in mind.  A warm environment where instead of feeling self-conscious she feels secure in her own body, not limited by age, size or shape, wearing swimwear that fits, feels good and frees her to be the woman she’s meant to be. We streamlined to Bestswimwear by BKB, but mostly we refer to ourselves simply as Bestswimwear. 

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